Under the Sea Birthday Party

Dessert Table I have been busy planning my daughter’s third birthday the past few weeks or so. When I say planning, really, it’s more like crafting. There’s many firsts at this birthday party. It’s the first time we’re hiring a princess – Princess Ariel. It’s my first time trying to set-up and decorate a dessert table. I’ve never made a birthday banner before. Also my first time trying a Wilton fondant mold. And my experience? Let’s just say I will totally do that again!

Most of the items you see on the dessert table were from the dollar store like the matching paper plates and cups, the entire loot bag (blue buckets, toys and kraft bags) and tissues for the poms poms.

There’s a step by step tutorial that shows you how to make your own tissue pom poms. There are many tutorials out there, even a Martha Stewart one but I particularly like this tutorial because it explains how to cut your tissue for different sized pom poms (small, medium, large and even mini ones). I made 4 large pom poms in blue and 2 medium ones in green. The only thing I would try differently next time is to use more than 8 sheets of tissue for the large pom poms. I love how the green ones turned out. Despite making them weeks ahead, I did not have to touch up the green ones but I had to touch up the blue ones several times.

The birthday banner was really easy to make too. I use 12″ by 12″ scrapbook paper. Using this tutorial, I was able to get 2 flags from each scrapbook paper. I was going to make sea life sugar cookies and I couldn’t find any cookie cutters locally in time for the birthday party so I used a candy mold instead and it worked great. The kids loved it.

Birthday Loot BagsFor the labels I used Photoshop and designed it myself. You can get the printable here. I designed it 2″ in size so I can use my 2″ circle cutter. I think it works quite well.

Under the Sea Fondant Cake

This cake was quite the undertaking. I’ve done ruffles before but not that many layers. The top tier is a 4 layer chocolate cake with Wilton Sea Life fondant decorations. This mold is pretty awesome. If only there are more birthdays coming up so I can try the other molds.

The bottom tier is a 3 layer lemon cake (Yum! Remind me to share this layer lemon cake recipe with you. Did I mention too that both cakes are gluten free?). I love the ombre ruffles. It was more time consuming than I thought and if you look closely (please don’t lol) you can see lots of imperfections but overall, I think it achieved the effect I wanted. If I were to do that again, I would make the ruffles wider and definitely use a fondant gumpaste mix instead of just pure fondant.

I finished the cake by adding silver dusted fondant balls in an ombre tone. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the back of this cake but it starts out silver white at the front and then light blue, teal, and then dark teal at the back. I then added a teal ribbon at the bottom to finish the lower tier and added brown sugar on the cake board.

I loved how everything turned out. I would say the most gratifying was the look on my daughter’s face as she came down the stairs after her nap and saw all the decorations for the first time.

Here are the links to the different tutorials I used:

  1. Pom-Poms
  2. Loot Bag Label Printable
  3. Birthday Banner
  4. Wilton Sea Life Silicone Mold

What do you think stood out best? Have you tried making pom poms too? Please leave a comment below and let me know!

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