Crochet in the Round – Invisible Seam

Crochet Invisible Seam Before After I noticed after making my crochet hat in the round that the seam leaves some pretty big holes. I usually would sew a large flower where the seam is to hide the gaps. Out of curiosity, I googled to see if there are techniques out there that creates a much nicer seam. There were a couple but this video I have found is very straight forward and effective.

For example, instead of making 12 double crochet as directed by the pattern, one would make an extra stitch (i.e. 13 double crochets). And when you join the round, instead of joining to the top of the chain 3, you would join the first double crochet and “hide” the chain 3, thus making the seam tighter.

I made another hat in pink with this technique and notice the one on the right, you can still see the seam but it looks so much neater, with no gaps at all! I love it!

Here a closeup of the original hat.

Crochet Hat with Gaps in Seam

Here’s the hat with the almost invisible seam.

Much better. 🙂

Crochet Hat with No Gaps in Seam

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