Index Card Calendar Journal

Index Card Calendar Journal

I saw this note card calendar journal on design sponge a while ago and had it in my mind that I would try to make it one day. I am not a daily journal type of person although I wish I am. I have tried to start a daily journal, a gratitude journal, a one-sentence journal and none stick. And for those mommies out there who feels guilty for not writing down your little one’s first’s in your baby book (join the club!), I think this will help. ūüôā

Index Card Calendar Journal Supplies

This project is fairly simple with very few supplies. I used a paper cutter, origami paper I already own (you can use any scrapbooking paper or even fabric), index cards (enough for 365 days), a Starbucks Tazo Tea metal container and 11 black and white photos.

Index Card Calendar Paper Trimmer

Trim the index cards to size. My dimension happens to be 7.4 cm wide by 12.7 cm long (2.9″ x 5″). ¬†I trim the photos the same width, but kept the length at almost 5.5 inches.

Writing Date on Index Cards

Then I write down the month and day, omitting the year.

Black and White Photo Index Card

Organize them by month and insert each photo after every month. To beautify the container,¬†I cut the paper to size and use a 3M 77¬†spray adhesive on the back of the paper and place it on the container. I love the 3M spray adhesive, it’s easy and the paper goes on smooth. Just make sure to spray in a well-ventilated room. I’ve thought of other ways we can decorate the container, like stenciling on burlap and add a lace ribbon? The possibilities are endless.

Note Card Calendar Journal

I keep this in the kitchen with a pen handy, so I can write down the wonderful stuff that will be happening this year. I wish I had this when I was a newly wed or when I was just pregnant with my first child. This will make such a wonderful gift. Imagine reading your entries many years from now.


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