How to Make Stitch Markers

Pearl and Crystal Stitch Marker

I love making jewelry and when I came across Boye 4-Piece Beaded Stitch Markers
at Michaels, I thought how easy it would be to make myself one. I am using beading wire and crimp bead to put the beads together instead of using artistic wire and making loops as I find sometimes my yarn can catch on the wire loops.

 Supplies to make your own stitch markers

  • Beading wire (I used 0.012″ as it is thin enough to go through my little pearls)
  • Chain nose plier
  • 8mm Crystal beads
  • 3mm ivory fresh water pearls
  • 1 crimp bead

How to Make Stitch Marker

[2]  Thread the pearls unto the beading wire.  Test it on your knitting needles for size.  Cut beading wire.

[3 & 4]  Join both ends of wire together and thread your accent beads.

[5]  Put your crimp bead through both wire.

[6]  Push the beads together to ensure they are tight and use the chain nose pliers to flatten the crimp bead. Cut the tail off and you’re done!

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