10 Beautiful Spring and Summer Yarn Ideas

Spring Summer Knit Crochet Ideas As I look out my window this morning, my double flowering almond tree is still sitting on a few feet of snow even though it’s already late March. Even though on the outside, things still look wintry, in my heart, I’m grateful for the extra sunlight, the slowly rising temperatures and the eventual arrival of Spring.

Other than Easter, this new season brings with it spring cleaning, re-organizing, happy colors and perhaps, some light knitting or crocheting. Here are ten of my favorite Spring/Summer knit or crochet projects. I personally cannot wait to try the knitted belt and the crochet hook case!

Green Summer Knitted Belt
LOVE the GREEN! Maybe Emerald is in order for 2013.
Summer Knitted Belt by Untangling Knots
Fan Crochet Bookmark
Fan bookmark. Photo by Leigh_M (flickr). Pattern by crochetroo.blogspot.com
Crochet Slippers
My feet is always cold. This looks perfect.  Mary Jane Slippers by GoodKnits.com
Blue Crochet Hook Case
Time to organize my crochet hooks. Crochet Hook Case. Photo by vintagenettles (Ravelry). Pattern by allicrafts.blogspot.com
Ribbed Lace Bolero
So feminine. I would love to wear this with a dress!
Ribbed Lace Bolero by Kelly Maher
Crochet Lamp Shade
Crochet Lamp Shade by Pickles.no
Crochet Basket
Ahh, I can never have enough baskets. Crochet Basket by CrochetInColor
Crochet Cuff
Crochet Cuff by CrochetToday.com
Crochet Wire Ring
Crochet Wire Ring by IrisWildSmith.com
Green Crochet Purse
Crochet Purse by Lion Brand

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